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For Sale

Please contact ACRS for further information and payment details.

Prices are $AUD.

Note: The below is not a complete list. Any of the items listed may be subject to prior sale, or change of price / sale terms and may be withdrawn from sale without notice. I will update and add to this page as I am able to. 


23 Jan 2023 - Lot 1 - For Sale by Expression of Interest. To be sold in whole or part. Contact me for more details via the Contact page.

Large batch of walnut stock blanks, all seasoned well over 10 years. A cross-selection of one-piece rifle and two-piece rifle/shotgun blanks in all grades. These are a mix of Paradox Walnut and European walnut. A good percentage of the one-piece blanks are long, deep and thicker than is commonly seen.

Paradox walnut is Claro walnut (Juglans hindsii) crossed with European walnut (J. regia). The trees harvested were planted in the very early days of Paradox walnut being planted in Australia, and only those suitable for gunstock use were processed. Older Paradox trees in Oz are quite rare in Australia.

That I have seen, the trees milled for these are the only instance of Paradox walnut being milled for gunstocks in Australia - short of the chance of an odd tree or two done by amateurs. The Paradox blanks offered here are much harder and without the horrid pore structure that Claro typically shows. The wood is also much tougher than nearly all Claro, in that regard it is (in my opinion) better than much of the European walnut I've seen from overseas, including NZ. Like Claro, the tendency is to see more figure in the wood than is usual for European Walnut. The colours vary, encompassing a range of colourations exhibited by the genetics of both Claro and European walnut - though most trees tended to being blonde, honey sometimes with darker colours splotched like a P
into. About a third of the trees milled were seedling Paradox trees, not grafted European walnut scion with Paradox rootstock. Paradox is not the same as Bastogne walnut - that is a cross between European and Black walnut.

The European walnut blanks in this Lot, come from 3 separate down-under locations. Every blank I cut was/is marked such that I know it's cut date and origin. 

Far too many to list individually. I'm currently planing them off, ascertaining grades and quantities of each grade. 

These blanks have been superbly seasoned and well stored, and not cut for maximum gain and dried in minimal time. A rare opportunity to purchase a bulk lot of blanks that have NOT been picked over as at time of writing. A Genuine sale, which would keep a local stock maker wanting to work Aussie walnut going in mainstream work for quite some time, or be an ideal start for a new machined stock supplier looking to to quality work. For the right newcomer, to keep it brief, I can offer some extremely desireable pattern stocks/outside shape master patterns at extra cost.

Further information and price upon application through the Contacts page. 

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