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Mauser M98 in 9.3x62 Stocked With Australian Grown Walnut By ACRS


Until Further Notice:

Current demand for custom work is such that Australian Classic Rifle Stocks is unable to accept further orders for stocks, whether machined or custom.

EFFECTIVE Jan 23 2023:

Check out the For Sale page on this site for seasoned walnut stock blanks currently being sold. I will update and improve the listings, but this will take time due to the sheer volume of blanks. 


Australian Classic Rifle Stocks (ACRS) produce machined rifle stocks in a variety of traditional and classic designs. They are are a quality foundation for a custom or semi-custom rifle stock - a great alternative to cutting a stock "from the block by hand".


ACRS machined stocks are predominately made from Australian-grown Juglans regia walnut "blanks" that are air dried and seasoned 10+ years. Blank production processes developed by Australian Classic Rifle Stocks yield blanks of fine quality and superb stability. Currently, most machined stocks are being made from blanks seasoned close to twenty years. 


ACRS has an excellent range of elegant, classically designed pattern stocks. Rifle fit, handling, balance, trigger control and sight acquisition receive critical attention. Completion of each pattern consumes on average around 50 hours of labour. These patterns are the result of exhaustive evolution over 15+ years of professional stock making. A smaller range of patterns based on my re-dux of vintage originals is also available.



An ACRS machined stock is a precision-machined duplicate of an ACRS pattern stock. Australian Classic Rifle Stocks are machined by an experienced custom maker with a background that encompasses most aspects of bespoke gun work. Combined with fine machine tools and dedicated use of them, the resulting machined stocks are of Premier Quality. All machined stocks presented for sale are made to the same standards using the same techniques featured in my own custom work.

 Large Range Of Classic Stock Patterns




Fitting and finishing of the machined stock is the responsibility of the customer. Customers who seek a quality inlet, but with a minimum of excess wood left on the inlet and the outside of the stock, are my focus. Typical ACRS customers have some reasonable prior experience in various aspects of stock work. They seek a machined stock that features greater design and fit options at a higher quality level. Over the years I have been willing to share knowledge and techniques with customers, and I have helped a few people into this work professionally. Expect some worthwhile support. I find this work fascinating, and there is no end to learning it.



Australian Classic Rifle Stocks is a part time business only. My other business, Australian Classic Rifles, takes all my remaining time. Due to work load, I am currently not seeking commissions for custom stock work or custom rifles.

Please see my FAQ and Blog for further information about ACRS machined rifle stocks.

Thanks for visiting, 

Gordon Cusens.


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